EntreVET hosted a webinar on June 1st that covered several important aspects related to the project.

Mr Stefan Moritz, Secretary General of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, began by emphasizing the project’s potential as a model for promoting entrepreneurship in vocational training institutes. He highlighted the significance of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset within the VET system.

Next, Ms Giorgia Morossi, project manager at the same confederation, provided a comprehensive introduction to the project, delving into its background and the reasons for its application. She shared the results of the initial phase of qualitative desk research, which focused on the first part of the project, concluding her presentation by discussing EntreVET’s potential impact on entrepreneurship education within the VET system.

Ms Sotiria Tsalamani of the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) then provided a detailed overview of the evaluation mechanism and certification scheme designed to assess the current entrepreneurial capacities of VET institutions. She emphasized that these tools were developed to enhance the organization’s ability to transfer an entrepreneurial mindset and vital skills to both students and staff members. She concluded with final remarks on the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.