The EntreVET project, committed to the creation of a Model Institution within the VET ecosystem and the cultivation of entrepreneurial competencies among VET students, has embarked on the development of a new and innovative curriculum that goes beyond traditional approaches.

The EntreVET Curriculum is based on EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework and is developed according to the learning needs identified through the desk and field research conducted at a national level during the activities of “Project Result 1”, namely in Greece; Poland; Germany; and Belgium.

The Curriculum is composed of 14 Modules, with the initial 6 Modules forming the Core Curriculum. This core part is designed for both VET teachers and staff. Following the Core Curriculum are 4 Modules dedicated to Teacher Specialization and another 4 Modules for VET Staff Specialization.

The following Modules will be created:



Communication and active listening

Coping with Uncertainty and Risk

Working with others

Digital Skills


Teachers Specialization

Taking the Initiative

Motivation and Persistence

Valuing Ideas


Staff Specialization

Financial, Economic Literacy

Mobilizing resources

Planning and Management

Risk Mitigation

Each module will include a theoretical and practical part, and the assessment quizzes of the practical component will act as the main prerequisite for the issuance of attendance certificates. Finally, different learning techniques have been considered during the Curricula’s design stage to guarantee an engaging digital asynchronous learning experience.

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